Despegar Celebrates 25 Years Transforming Latin America’s Travel Industry Through Innovation

Senior management team rings closing bell of New York Stock Exchange to celebrate 25th anniversary of Despegar’s founding and its regional leadership in travel technology

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–, Corp. (NYSE: DESP) (“Despegar” or the “Company”), Latin America’s leading travel technology company, today announced the celebration of its 25th anniversary with the ringing of the New York Stock Exchange’s closing bell on April 3, 2024.

Since its founding, Despegar has been revolutionizing Latin America’s travel industry through technology. Throughout the Company’s history, it has been the undisputed leader of online travel in the region. Most recently, Despegar launched SOFIA, an AI-powered travel assistant that rapidly, easily and seamlessly assists customers with planning, booking and managing bespoke trips, representing a significant technology leap in online travel.

Damián Scokin, CEO of Despegar, said: Despegar’s 25-year history is one of consistent technology and product innovations to make travel easier and affordable for Latin Americans. Our latest technology milestone is SOFIA, which is redefining and elevating the customer experience through generative AI. We expect SOFIA to significantly strengthen Despegar’s competitive moat as well as facilitate our penetration of the B2B travel market and countries outside the region. Today, we are the world’s fastest-growing travel tech company. In the future we expect to be the global travel market’s technology leader, too.”

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About Despegar

Despegar is the leading travel technology company in Latin America. For over two decades, it has revolutionized the tourism industry in the region through technology. With its continuous commitment to the development of the sector, Despegar today is comprised of a consolidated group that includes Despegar, Decolar, Best Day, Viajes Falabella, Viajanet Stays and Koin, and has become one of the largest travel companies in Latin America. Despegar operates in 19 countries in the region, accompanying Latin Americans from the moment they dream of traveling until they share their memories. With the purpose of improving people’s lives and transforming the shopping experience, Despegar has developed alternative payment and financing methods, democratizing the access to consumption and bringing Latin Americans closer to their next travel experience. Despegar’s common shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: DESP). For more information, visit Despegar’s Investor Relations website


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