InfoBionic Rebrands Company Name to ‘InfoBionic.Ai’, Reinforcing Focus on AI-Enabled ECG

InfoBionic.Ai continues to advance its mission of improving outcomes and enabling better cardiac care with a name that captures the essence of its next gen, AI-enabled virtual telemetry solution.

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–InfoBionic.Ai, a digital health company providing AI-powered diagnostic remote patient monitoring solutions, today announced that it has evolved its company name from ‘InfoBionic’ to ‘InfoBionic.Ai,’ signifying its continued commitment to leveraging artificial intelligence in virtual cardiac care.

InfoBionic has always been dedicated to remaining at the cutting edge of patient care. Since the organization’s first FDA approval in 2015, AI and machine learning have been an integral part of InfoBionic’s remote cardiac telemetry offering. InfoBionic’s use of AI goes beyond workflow optimization and into the clinical realm, embracing a future where AI-powered analysis can unlock many more of the heart’s hidden secrets. Now, the organization’s name will match its identity and its product suite: ‘InfoBionic.Ai’.

“We are proud to announce our natural evolution as an organization to ‘InfoBionic.Ai’. In reality, this name change is just formalizing what we have already become,” says Stuart Long, CEO of InfoBionic.Ai. “Our commitment to evolving remote cardiac telemetry monitoring through existing and novel AI-enabled ECG remains steadfast and unwavering. This transformation signifies our dedication to pioneering solutions that redefine the future of healthcare, as we empower providers with actionable insights and enable them to ultimately improve patient outcomes.”

Set apart from legacy approaches in one of the most critical areas of diagnostic monitoring, InfoBionic.Ai harnesses the latest biosensor technology and cloud-based AI analysis to provide the only FDA approved AI-enabled 6-lead diagnostic arrhythmia detection system with an industry-leading hospital-grade near real-time view of the heart. The organization’s MoMe® ARC platform continues to push the boundaries in cardiac monitoring and accelerate the shift to truly personalized and preventative cardiac care. InfoBionic.Ai is focused on coupling advanced technology with deep clinical knowledge—a commitment which is evidenced by its collaboration with Mayo Clinic.

As for what’s next, Stuart suggests the full potential of the technology is just beginning to unfold. “The MoMe® ARC has proven that proactive cardiac care can be extended to every patient who requires it, and that AI is a key ingredient in making detecting and treating latent cardiac disease much sooner than ever before a reality for today’s busy clinicians,” he says. “But there is still so much to be done, and we have only just scratched the surface of what AI-enabled ECG will mean for the entire industry. At InfoBionic.Ai, we will continue to lead the way.”

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InfoBionic.Ai’s digital technology has transformed the efficiency and economics of cardiac remote patient monitoring. The company’s vision for its FDA-cleared third-generation platform, the MoMe® ARC, is to remove the roadblocks hindering virtual and remote diagnosis and decision-making. The Massachusetts-based team of seasoned entrepreneurs has had successful careers in healthcare, IT, medical devices, and mobile technology and brings specific expertise in remote monitoring and cardiology. Visit


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