PathoSans® Launches Space-Saving Compact Concentrate On-Site Generator

GLENDALE HEIGHTS, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PathoSans, a leading provider of sustainable and socially-responsible cleaning and disinfecting solutions, recently launched its new space-saving Compact Concentrate (CTC) on-site generator. The generator can be wall-mounted and provides cleaners with a continuous supply of PathoClean® and PathoCide from a typical janitorial closet or any location where water and a drain are present.

GSF USA, a leading building service contractor dedicated to sustainable cleaning practices, has been using the CTC generator in a commercial office building in the Chicagoland area.

“We’ve been testing out the new CTC generator and our cleaning professionals love how they have better access to the PathoClean and PathoCide products they know and love,” said Luis Tovar, Branch Manager, GSF USA. “The ability to place generators throughout facilities, even in tight spaces, has helped speed up the cleaning process.”

The CTC generator works by creating an electrochemical reaction from three simple ingredients – water, salt and electricity and turns it into two chemical products – Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), a cleaner and degreaser, and Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), a sanitizer and degreaser. To condense space, the CTC generator produces concentrates rather than ready-to-use (RTU) chemicals. The concentrates are directed through a wall-mounted, remote dilution station where they are automatically dosed into RTU products.

“Clients clean differently in buildings of all sizes and configurations, and we are dedicated to meeting the unique demands of our customers,” said Ken Campbell, PathoSans Director of Sales. “We adopted our on-site generators to meet the evolving requirements of customers and the growing demand for safer and more sustainable solutions.”

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About PathoSans: PathoSans Technologies is a division of Spraying Systems Co., which has operated in Illinois for over 80 years and is the world’s leading manufacturer of spray nozzles and precision spray technology. PathoSans provides on-site generation (OSG) devices that produce ready-to-use, highly effective cleaners and sanitizers known as electrochemically activated (ECA) solutions. It also offers bottled, ready-to-ship ECA solutions for use in households and commercial sites without access to an OSG system. Learn more about these sustainable cleaning technologies at and (Bottled ECA solutions).


Brianna Fitzpatrick

Mulberry Marketing Communications