Sandata Opposes Singular Fiscal Intermediary to Manage Care In New York

Sandata stands in support of all homecare providers in New York and opposes state legislation that negatively impacts CDPAP.

HICKSVILLE, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Healthtech–Sandata, a leading provider of Agency Management, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and other data-powered homecare and I/DD solutions, opposes the singular Fiscal Intermediary requirements in the proposed 2025 NY State Budget.

250,000 New Yorkers rely on CDPAP, or the Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program, to select a caregiver of their choice—be it a family member, friend, or trusted adult—to improve their quality of life, while getting compensated for their time.

The unilateral use of one fiscal intermediary to oversee the administration of services that family members and trusted adults provide to care recipients limits consumer choice and autonomy, which is squarely antithetical to the purpose of consumer-directed programming.

“Our mission is to create technology solutions that make it easier for Medicaid payers and providers to work together. This bill passing makes it harder for these two entities to work together, adding friction and distance between them and people who rely on care,” shared Emmet O’Gara, CEO of Sandata.

The majority of care work is unpaid; this program has enabled many members of the sandwich generation (people who care for kids and parents) and other family caregivers to maintain their employment without interruptions or leave their jobs to maintain a stable income while providing care.

Other changes to the program for consumers include:

  • Altering eligibility criteria
  • Altering covered services
  • Lower reimbursement/pay rates

For homecare agencies, they would not only be edged out of program facilitation but also capped with administrative costs at 30%, which sparks a similar tune as the looming Medicaid 80/20 rule, which has garnered criticism across the board from various industry stakeholders, leaders, and business owners.

Sandata stands behind all providers in New York and will continue to oppose bills and legislation that negatively impact care quality and the provision of care.

If this legislation passes, we encourage providers to:

  • Continue to voice their opposition and concerns about this legislation.
  • Position themselves as a resource for families as they navigate these changes.
  • Re-evaluate agency management system capabilities and functions to reduce administrative burden and increase time spent on care.
  • Follow Sandata as an educational and operational resource as more information becomes available.

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