T2EARTH Celebrates Earth Day by Leading the Wood Products Industry towards a Sustainable Built Environment

AUGUSTA, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In 1970, the inaugural Earth Day marked a pivotal moment in history, galvanized by the collective efforts of over 20 million passionate individuals. Spearheaded by Senator Gaylord Nelson, this landmark event resonated with a global outcry against rampant pollution and the urgent need for environmental safeguards.

Responding to this resounding call to action, Congress swiftly established the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency by the close of that transformative year. This monumental step set a precedent, inspiring nations worldwide to implement robust environmental protections and embark on the journey towards a sustainable future.

Fast forward to today, the United Nations’ adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals has catalyzed a global shift towards a more sustainable economy. This commitment extends beyond governmental policy, influencing businesses of all sizes to prioritize environmental stewardship in their operations.

Indeed, the landscape of corporate responsibility is evolving. An ever-growing number of companies are not only complying with environmental regulations but are also embracing sustainability as a core principle, driving innovation, and fostering a greener, more equitable world for all.

At T2EARTH, we are passionate advocates for a sustainable future, committed to leading the transition towards a more sustainable built environment. Our dedication is reflected in our unique approach to building materials, with wood at the heart of our mission.

The inspiration behind our name, T2EARTH, embodies our philosophy perfectly. ‘T’ symbolizes timber, a renewable resource that undergoes a transformative life cycle—from trees to logs into sawmills, then into boards and panels, preservation treatments, and ultimately, to the eco-Fire-Retardant Treated Wood (eco-FRTW) – we call OnWood®– marketed for use in construction and infrastructure. At the end of its lifecycle, eco-FRTW can be safely returned to the Earth, completing a full circle of sustainable use. Hence, T2EARTH – Timber (T) to (2) Earth.

Unlike other building materials such as steel and concrete, wood stands out as the highest natural potential for the lowest carbon footprint. Its unique ability to be efficiently produced into a building product and then recycled back into the Earth makes it an excellent circular product. However, to ensure its durability as a building material, wood requires preservation against weather, fire, insects, decay, and mold.

Traditionally, the preservation of wood, including fire-retardant properties, has always involved the use of toxic chemicals, posing environmental risks and health hazards. This low-tech, unsustainable treatment chemical approach not only limits the recyclability of wood, but it typically has also limited the mechanical strength performance and contributes to toxic waste and wasteful landfill accumulation.

With a vision to elevate wood as the premier green building material, T2EARTH developed OnWood® 1.0 (eco-FRTW) — a revolutionary product to address these performance and environmental challenges. OnWood® stands for future progress, leading the building material industry to a superior performance and more sustainable solution that meets the growing demand for improving both residential and commercial construction materials. OnWood® 1.0 is made in T2EARTH’s planet friendly manufacturing process and serves a critical role as a code compliant fire-safety building material with excellent performance credentials. Onwood® 1.0 is the first step in our journey to help transition our communities to a sustainable built environment. T2EARTH is committed to developing a full suite of products, including plywood (coming soon) and other engineered wood products that are highly efficient for our distribution partners, building site flexible, competitive in price, safe for the environment, and are circular building products. T2EARTH is taking the construction industry and our cities OnWood® (Onwards)!

OnWood®’s innovative formulation combines high performance with competitive pricing, making it an attractive alternative to traditional toxic chemical FRTW. Not only is OnWood® fire-retardant without compromising mechanical strength, but it is also eco-friendly, allowing for versatile future applications — from commercial properties requiring FRTW to multifamily buildings and even into single-family residences where fire prevention is becoming paramount.

By choosing OnWood®, you are investing in a superior building material and contributing to a greener, healthier future.

OnWood® 1.0’s Eco-FRTW key product properties are:

  • Fully green formulation that contains no hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, or environmental toxins
  • Available in Southern Pine standard dimensional lumber and Precision End Trimmed (PET) sizes
  • Fully circular product that can be recycled or disposed of without customary hazardous chemicals restrictions
  • OnWood® is contractor and builder friendly – including non-toxic ingredients – handling OnWood® is easier and safer at a job site
  • Easily machinable in the field
  • Manufactured using sustainably harvested wood from Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) certified forests or other comparably sustainable sources
  • Interior Type A (HT) fire retardant wood in accordance with AWPA Standard U1
  • OnWood® is a pressure treated, ICC-certified Class-A fire-retardant-treated wood (ASTM E84 and ASTM E2768), with a flame spread of 15 and a smoke development score of 20
  • OnWood® is fully compliant with the 2021 International Building Code (Sections 2303.2, 2303.2.1, 2303.2.2) and the 2024 International Building Code (Sections 2303.2, 2303.2.1, 2303.2.2. and 2303.2.3)
  • Area of application: multifamily and commercial construction including interior light-frame use cases such as wall assemblies, roof systems, trusses, studs, flooring, joists, blocking, and furring
  • 30-year warranty


T2EARTH is an eco-friendly building materials and wood science technology company formed to create the world’s first suite of sustainable and eco-friendly wood products for residential and commercial construction and infrastructure. After 5 plus years of ground-breaking R&D and proprietary factory build-out, T2EARTH has emerged from stealth mode into full-scale plant production and commercial operations. These important two milestones are just the beginning of our significant production scale-up and customer attainment journey.

T2EARTH is strategically located and manufactures OnWood® in the Augusta, GA area, in the heart of the United States Southern Pine region. We are partnered with Pollard Lumber Co., Inc. founded in 1952, based in Appling, GA, (timberland and saw milling) and International Forest Products LLC (IFP), founded in 1972, based in Foxborough, MA, (forest products trading and global distribution), providing us with an immensely effective vertically integrated supply chain that goes from tree to building site.

About T2EARTH’S Partners

Pollard Lumber Co., Inc: Pollard Lumber Company, based in Appling, GA, and privately owned by the Pollard family, has been manufacturing southern yellow pine lumber products since 1952. The company’s products are known for outstanding quality and availability, and its distribution is supported by its own logistics and trucking operations. Pollard Lumber Company is a family-owned enterprise that includes management leadership from several Pollard family member generations and employs management techniques to produce and promote wood as a sustained renewable resource. The Pollard family is active in several industry trade associations and has pioneered some of the sawmill industry’s important technologies including the continuous flow kiln, one of the preeminent kiln solutions for drying lumber in the USA. Much of the wood Pollard Lumber produces is sourced from family-managed timberlands, allowing for much of its operation to be vertically integrated.

International Forest Products (IFP) LLC: IFP is headquartered in Foxborough, MA, with offices and sales representatives around the world. IFP is a global leader and North America’s largest physical trader of forest products commodities, including containerboard, market pulp, recycled fiber, printing and writing papers and a wide variety of Solid Wood products: lumber, plywood, and composite panels, engineered wood products, logs, pellets and biomass. IFP was the seventh largest exporter in the United States in 2021, as compiled by the Journal of Commerce. With more than 40 years of trading history, IFP is equipped to conduct business in any language and has intimate knowledge of local customs, traditions, market conditions and pricing trends. IFP’s own cloud-based technology platform, coupled with a balance sheet that is as strong as any in the international arena, has facilitated the company’s growth as a world leader in its industry, doing business in more than 90 countries worldwide.

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For sales and to request a sample of OnWood®, please contact Christian Stock, Director of Business Development and Chief Sales Officer, at christian.stock@T2EARTH.com and Tim Kallan, Marketing Director FRTW and Business Development, at timothyk@IFPcorp.com

For press, please contact Jennifer Liu, Press Manager, at jennifer@T2EARTH.com

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