Trulioo 24/7 Support Empowers Top APAC Region Companies to Expand Into New Markets, Achieve Compliance and Accelerate Customer Onboarding

Company Marks Anniversary of Singapore Office Opening With 90% Business Verification Rate Across the APAC Region

BANGKOK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Trulioo, an industry-leading identity platform with proven global coverage for person and business verification, today marked the one-year anniversary of its Singapore office by highlighting how its 24/7 implementation support helps Asia-Pacific (APAC) brands expand into new markets, meet complex regulatory requirements and quickly onboard customers and merchants. Trulioo also announced it achieved a 90% business verification rate across the APAC region, including in markets with minimal data availability and multiple languages.

The company’s commitment to APAC has been vital for payments providers, online marketplaces and financial services companies expanding into Europe and North America as well as for organizations venturing into the region. Trulioo expertise and around-the-clock assistance ensure those companies can access state-of-the-art, customized verification capabilities regardless of location or industry.

A Snapshot of How Trulioo Has Helped Organizations in the Region

  • A leading ecommerce platform can now quickly verify brands in China and the U.S., saving more than a week of manual processing time onboarding each business.
  • A global remittance provider has expanded into 30 markets, including Bangladesh, China, the U.S., India, Indonesia and the Philippines. Its largest market is China, where Trulioo delivers an average match rate of 92% for the provider’s target demographic.
  • A global ecommerce brand working with Trulioo has identified and verified more than 1 million Chinese businesses and their owners.
  • A global furniture retailer has added automation to verifying businesses and people in more than 50 markets, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., China and Germany.
  • A payment processor in APAC that onboarded sole proprietorships at scale partnered with Trulioo and has now expanded that verification to Japan, Canada, Australia and the U.K.

Trulioo Singapore Office: A Hub for Global Growth and Innovation

The Trulioo Singapore office serves the region under the leadership of APAC Operations Director Ivan Yang. A Shanghai native, Yang is among the youngest experts in identity verification. Under his guidance, the Trulioo global footprint expanded and developed strategic alliances with more than 400 partners across 50 countries.

“Our customers rely on cutting-edge, customized capabilities to meet their full range of verification needs, no matter the region or business type,” Yang said. “Our 24/7 implementation support has been instrumental in helping our customers expand and meet regional compliance mandates. The APAC market is dynamic, and we’re proud to be there around the clock with verification guidance that drives measurable growth.”

Trulioo expertise helps APAC organizations navigate complex regulatory obligations while doing business overseas, particularly in markets such as Europe and North America. That support includes automating manual Know Your Business processes, such as mapping cross-border links among businesses and owners.

“APAC is pivotal to Trulioo, and Ivan has been a force in driving unprecedented growth throughout the region,” said Steve Munford, Trulioo CEO. “In one year, he has assembled an exceptionally dedicated team adept at providing unparalleled support to customers while driving innovation and propelling our growth throughout the region.”

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About Trulioo

​​Trulioo is the world’s identity platform, trusted by leading companies for their verification needs. Offering business and person verification across the globe, Trulioo covers 195 countries and can verify more than 13,000 ID documents and 700 million business entities while checking against more than 6,000 watchlists. Its comprehensive suite of in-house capabilities, integrated across a single automated platform, powers customizable onboarding workflows tailored to meet any market requirement. Combining its state-of-the-art technology with expert verification knowledge across diverse markets, Trulioo enables the highest verification assurance levels, optimizing onboarding costs and fostering trust in the global digital economy.


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