Calsoft Elevates B Corp™ Score, Reinforcing Commitment to Values

Microsoft Dynamics partner Calsoft Systems intensifies pursuit of social responsibility into core of technology business as reflected in B Corp Recertification results.

TORRANCE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Calsoft Systems has received recertification as a Certified B Corporation™ (B Corp), earning a score of 119.2, a significant increase from their previous score of 87.4. These results reaffirm Calsoft’s commitment to the B Corp™ Movement, which is a global movement of People Using Business as a Force for Good®. The median score across all companies who complete the B Impact Assessment is 50.9.

According to Nem Bajra, CEO of Calsoft, the company’s decade-long journey as a B Corp has been a great source of inspiration for them. “We have been able to transform our desire to be a socially responsible company into measurable actions that align with our goals,” Bajra said. ”Everything we do now aligns with this objective.” He expressed his pride for Calsoft employees for their innovative thinking in redefining how a business can operate. They have led the way in driving change through their B Corp initiatives while delivering exceptional service to their clients. “The new score is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire company,” he said.

Calsoft was initially certified as a B Corp in 2015, a pioneering move as a Microsoft Dynamics partner. Calsoft must go through a recertification process every three years to maintain their B Corp status where its business practices are assessed against the highest social and environmental performance standards. In this recertification, Calsoft achieved increases across most categories, and exceptional scores in the Workers and Governance, with 56% and 88% increases, respectively.

Bo Shao, Calsoft’s President, expressed appreciation for the B Lab™ framework, as it has helped the company define its contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Calsoft is proud of its contribution to SDG 17, which involves building a fair and transparent institution. The company achieved this in 2017 when it became 100% employee owned. “Calsoft’s governance structures are built on the ‘Management by All’ philosophy, where every employee has a sense of ownership,” said Shao. The company is delighted that B Lab recognizes these efforts and they are reflected in their score. Calsoft is a devoted member of the B Lab community and looks forward to supporting other B Corps.

“Calsoft’s impressive score increase demonstrates their commitment to embedding social responsibility into the core of their company’s DNA,” said Jodi Beasley, Senior Director of Community at B Lab U.S. & Canada. “We congratulate Calsoft on this milestone and celebrate their contributions to the movement.”

Calsoft continues to use the B Impact Assessment™ to carve a path for the future and set goals for the next three years, including integrating social and environmental metrics into its business models and service offerings to customers.

About Calsoft Systems

Calsoft Systems is a globally recognized industry leader and award-winning Microsoft Dynamics partner, specializing in providing comprehensive cloud-based ERP solutions. With a proven track record of success worldwide, Calsoft has established themselves as the preferred partner for organizations seeking a seamless transition to the cloud and the achievement of their productivity goals. Calsoft initially specialized in servicing Japanese multinationals and has since expanded its reach worldwide, with global offices across the U.S., Japan, China, UK and Mexico.

Established in 1994, Calsoft Systems has continually demonstrated its dedication to transforming the economic landscape into one that benefits all stakeholders. We are deeply committed to social and environmental responsibility, making us a trusted and forward-thinking choice in the industry.

About B Lab

B Lab is transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. A leader in economic systems change, our global network creates standards, policies, tools, and programs for business, and we certify companies—known as B Corps—who are leading the way. To date, our community includes more than 700,000 workers in over 7,800 B Corps across 92 countries and 161 industries, and more than 200,000 companies manage their impact with the B Impact Assessment and the SDG Action Manager.


Sam Meloeny