City Gives Applicants More Time for 400 China Basin

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Due to overwhelming demand and feedback from potential applicants, the City’s Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure is pleased to announce an extension for completing the necessary steps to apply for the affordable housing units at 400 China Basin.

New Application Process and Deadline Details

Applicants must still apply through DAHLIA by the original deadline of May 31st. However, recognizing that many applicants are in the process of completing their required homebuyer seminars and obtaining pre-approval from approved lenders, the City is offering an extension to finalize these steps.

Extension Guidelines

  • Application Deadline: All applicants must submit their initial application on DAHLIA by May 31st.
  • Extension Request: For those who need more time to complete their homebuyer seminars or obtain lender pre-approval, an extension form can be submitted in place of the verification form.
  • Extended Deadline: The final deadline to complete all required steps and submit the necessary documentation is June 28th at 5 PM.

“We understand that the process of securing affordable housing can be challenging, and we want to ensure that all qualified applicants have the opportunity to complete their applications,” said Michael Simmons, developer and project coordinator. “This extension aims to provide the necessary time for applicants to fulfill all requirements without the pressure of the original deadline.”

The homebuyer education extension request form can be downloaded from:

The loan pre-approval extension request form can be download from:

About 400 China Basin

400 China Basin is a premier Below Market Rate (BMR) condominium project in San Francisco’s Mission Bay, offering permanent affordable home ownership to middle-income individuals and families. Sponsored by the City’s Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, this project is part of the broader initiative to build 1,100 affordable housing units in Mission Bay, including two sites designated for first-time homebuyers.

Developed by veteran affordable housing experts Michael Simmons, Charmaine Curtis, and Young Community Developers, and constructed by Baines Nibbi JV, with design by Mithun and Y.A. Studio architects, 400 China Basin represents a collaboration of top-tier professionals committed to providing quality housing.

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